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What is Down Syndrome?

If you are looking for answers regarding Down syndrome, we have compiled a list of important facts that with help you understand this condition.

Facts about Down Syndrome

- One out of every 691 live births is a child with Down syndrome! It affects people of all ages, races and economic levels.


- Most cases of Down syndrome are sporadic, chance events. Down syndrome does NOT “run in the family”.


- Down syndrome is the most common occurring genetic condition!


- There are approximately 350,000 people in the U S with Down syndrome. Approximately 5000 people are born in the U S with Down syndrome each year!


- 80% of children born with Down syndrome are born to mothers UNDER the age of 35!

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- Most people with Down syndrome have cognitive delays that are mild to moderate. People with Down syndrome have great potential if given the opportunities!


- Thanks to advance in medical and clinical treatment and opportunities to thrive, as many as 80% of adults with Down syndrome reach age 65, many live a lot longer!


- Today, children with Down syndrome are included in regular academic classrooms across the country.


- People with Down syndrome date and get married and it is possible for women with Down syndrome to have children of her own. While extremely rare, men with Down syndrome can father children as well.


- Today people with Down syndrome live with their parents, group homes, or homes of their own.


- Businesses are seeking out young adults with Down syndrome for a variety of positions. They are employed in offices by banks, corporations, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants. They work in the music and entertainment industry. People with Down syndrome bring to their work place enthusiasm, reliability and dedication!


- Down syndrome got its name in 1866 when “John Down” and English physician, who published an accurate description of a person with Down syndrome.


- In 1959 French physician Jerome Lejeune identified Down syndrome as a chromosomal abnormality.


- There are 3 types of Down syndrome, Trisomy 21: non-disjunction, Translocation, and Mosaic. The most common type, with 95% of all cases being Trisomy 21: non-disjunction.

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